Introducing Xero Export

By having the transaction in Xero, we get access to powerful GST reporting tools, profit/loss tools, and all of the other tools available to business owners. Our submission workflow for GST returns has not changed. On the merchant portal, you can see the full details of a transaction, including the incoming LTC, the fee, and the cryptocurrency network fee. Yes, Bitwave supports FIFO (First-in, First-out), LIFO (Last-in, First-out), Cost Averaging, and Specific Identification. Whichever tax strategy you choose to use, Bitwave’s software will support it. Remember to speak to your CPA or tax attorney before selecting the tax strategy that your business will use.

  • How long would it take your bookkeeping staff to keep up with your business’s crypto escapades?
  • Your crypto accounting software can convert a 0.6 Bitcoin payment to its value in USD, so you’re compliant.
  • And at the end of the financial year, when we need to calculate our realised gains from cryptocurrency, the realised gains report from CryptFolio will include the fees disposal event.
  • Additionally, we support the leading DEXes and DeFi protocols as well as multi-asset trades.
  • Accounting for digital assets in Xero just got a whole lot easier.

From our research, we discovered that the simplicity of Koinly’s website design enables a seamless environment for users. It is easy to navigate the platform, and the procedures for using the tools are straightforward. Take for instance the stress-free process of importing exchange and services data into the application. Then, there is Koinly’s almost-instant tax calculation service, which does not require any formal knowledge of tax reporting. Likewise, you can chat with the platform’s tax experts on matters relating to crypto tax issues. Apart from calculating taxes resulting from your crypto exchange transactions, you can input income from crypto loan platforms, mining activities, and crypto staking to create a comprehensive report.

Tracking cryptocurrency payments in Xero

The payment (and the fees) will all be correctly included in our FIFO reporting for realised and unrealised gains, and we can use the effective cost of the fees transaction as part of our accounting in Xero. However, at this point we’ve neglected to cover the fees of the transaction, and we have no idea how much the Litecoin is actually worth. Xero’s internal inventory model is not suitable for tracking cryptocurrency inventory (we’ve tried). We’ll instead be using CryptFolio’s inventory model, which has been designed to support cryptocurrency.

Does QuickBooks accept cryptocurrency?

You'll get your Bitcoin transactions sorted directly into your QuickBooks Online every hour, complete with your notes and the exchange rate at the time of transaction for tax purposes.

Make sure you have the GST correct, and include the original user invoice as an attachment. A New Zealand customer has made a payment on 11 May 2018, with Litecoin, for $19.00 ex GST (minus a 5% cryptocurrency discount). The payment has gone through, who have also charged a fee. We have charged GST and need to capture this for our GST return. We want to hold onto LTC long-term, and not immediately exchange it into NZD. Accounting for cryptocurrencies like BTC can be difficult to navigate.


Crypto accounting software has become increasingly important in the digital age of finance. This is because digital currencies make it possible to transact across borders quickly, securely, and cost-effectively – often without incurring large fees or other obstacles. As a result, crypto-based businesses are on the rise, and they require sophisticated accounting solutions that can support their innovation and growth. Yes, any time that you trade one cryptocurrency for another, you are effectively selling the first currency and buying the second.

How do you record crypto in accounting?

When you purchase a crypto asset with fiat money, credit your cash account and debit the crypto-asset account. To account for any losses as they occur, you'll need to debit your loss account and credit your asset account.

You can check for profits, losses, and promising investments. Also, you can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your investment decisions and factor in a lot of details before making future calls. Yes, the Bitwave platform properly matches transfers between company-owned wallets and accurately tracks the cost basis. If your company owns both wallets, then there is no gain or loss, and therefore there is no tax liability. However, without Bitwave to monitor these transactions, wallet-to-wallet transfers can significantly complicate your cost basis calculations, which is why a complete end-to-end platform like Bitwave is necessary.

Are my transactions synced automatically?

This creates either a profit or a loss for the first cryptocurrency, and a new cost basis for reporting the second. Bitwave accurately tracks both the capital gains and the new cost basis. Additionally, we support the leading DEXes and DeFi protocols as well as multi-asset trades.

Exporting Cryptocurrency Transactions To Xero

Although we couldn’t find any limitation, we, however, advise that you take the time to check out the website and do extensive research before going ahead to adopt the platform. We mentioned Koinly’s crypto portfolio tracking features earlier in this review. And from what we learned about its functionalities, it is safe to say that Koinly does much more than calculating taxes for users. With this tool, it is possible to access vital information regarding all of your crypto investments at the touch of a button.


This list is growing all the time, so bookmark it and come back every once in a while to see what’s new. You know how you have to keep track of your regular money so you know what’s what during tax time? That means individuals and large companies need to track their crypto transactions and file their taxes accordingly.

BMO and Xero helping businesses put bookkeeping on autopilot – Canada NewsWire

BMO and Xero helping businesses put bookkeeping on autopilot.

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He has worked closely with accountants and tax lawyers to make it easy for fellow cryptocurrency users to be tax compliant. By having the transaction in CryptFolio, we get access to powerful cryptocurrency reporting and realised gain/loss tools. We don’t need to track or calculate cryptocurrency exchange rates ourselves, because CryptFolio does all of this for us. There’s a proper tool for every job, as Grandpappy used to say, and crypto accounting software is the right tool for businesses that use crypto.