Biggest affiliate marketing networks worldwide 2021

Second place went to Subscriptions and memberships (29% top source, 58% in the top three). Affiliate marketing, however, was also popular, and although only 9% of respondents named it their highest revenue source, 31% placed it in their top three. Through brand affiliates, brands can reach out to consumers without being too intrusive. Since brand affiliates have followers who trust their content, it can be easier for them to influence or convince people to buy products from brands they endorse.

How big is the affiliate marketing industry

These strategies play a vital role in how profitable their passive income strategy becomes. To be successful at this, one has to generate search interest to create a demand for the product they are marketing. This affiliate program gives marketers access to Apple’s reporting data, which can be viewed through their linked podcast marketing activities. This includes their email, digital ads, social promotions, and more. For every subscription purchase made through a marketer’s affiliate link, the marketer earns a commission.

The SaaS industry distributes the highest commission rates at 70%

It uses ShareASale, RewardStyle, and Skimlinks to manage its program. The brand encourages active women with strong social presences to apply. Commissions are paid in cash, and the brand offers an updated list of active promos for ambassadors to use. Share your experience in your blog, social media post, Instagram Story, or YouTube video. If you’re writing a personal review, give a candid opinion based on your experience with and knowledge of the product.

The industry experienced a growth rate of 209.72% year over year between 2021 and 2022. Influencer Marketing Hub’s research included data sourced from Refersion. 25% is generated by the telecom and media sector while 16% is generated by the travel and leisure industry.

80% of or 8 out of 10 brands run an affiliate marketing program

Affiliate marketing remains one of most bloggers’ and marketers’ essential monetization tactics. They can use it to add an extra revenue stream to their business or drive sales directly. Instagram planned to test its new native affiliate tool during the latter parts of 2021. This affiliate tool will allow Instagram creators to recommend available products at checkout and share them with followers. Through this, creators can earn commissions for sales gotten from their posts. The United States remains the largest affiliate marketing country worldwide.

  • Affiliate programs brought up to 15% to 30% of all sales for advertisers.
  • The PMA’s study found that the $9.1 billion industry investment drove $71 billion in eCommerce sales.
  • Affiliate marketing courses are another incredibly beneficial tool in the hands of affiliate marketers.
  • After you’ve chosen your niche, you’ll want to choose at least one platform or channel you’re going to use for affiliate marketing.
  • If that person clicks on your affiliate link but buys after 30 days, you will not be attributed the sale.

If the market seems overly saturated and the brand doesn’t seem large enough to support the drive for so many sales, you’re probably better off picking another option. After you’ve chosen your niche, you’ll want to choose at least one platform or channel you’re going to use for affiliate marketing. According to Awin and the stats we have already published, affiliate marketing spending grows by around 10% annually. This is an excellent indicator that businesses and advertisers are more and more confident in investing their budgets into this marketing strategy. We found in a recent survey that our respondent businesses allocated 9% of their marketing budget on average to affiliate marketing. This equates with email marketing, and is similar to what they intended to spend on offline marketing and events.

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For example, if you’re doing reviews, you should actually purchase the product and test it. Shows estimated monthly search traffic to this article according to Ahrefs data. The actual search traffic (as reported in Google Analytics) is usually 3-5 times bigger. Affiliate marketing also has a few disadvantages compared to other types of marketing campaigns. Before jumping in, let’s look at a few challenges you’ll face on your journey to affiliate marketing success.

In 2000, my company launched into what was effectively a cottage industry. The sector was small and nascent but packed with talented, passionate people. While today’s profession bears few similarities, the spirit of creativity and invention remains.