What You Should Know About Halfway Houses Kent State CCJ

Outpatient detoxification is another form of treatment that is designed to help individuals who are struggling with addiction. This type of treatment involves regular counseling and therapy sessions to help patients overcome their addiction. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is another type of addiction treatment that combines medication with counseling and therapy. MAT is commonly used to treat opioid addiction and alcoholism, and it has been shown to be effective in reducing cravings and improving treatment outcomes. Thousands of convicted prisoners, who are serving alternative sentences or who have been released early from jail or prison to transition to life on the outside, live in Halfway houses.

How does a halfway house work in Texas?

Once a designation to a halfway house is made and the inmate arrives at the respective facility he/she will be allowed access to the community on gradual and limited bases. The inmate's case manager will review the procedures and qualifications with each inmate.

Their purposes can also overlap, as community based correctional facilities, for instance, house individuals at various stages in their incarceration. For the purpose of this briefing, however, we are focusing on “Halfway Houses in the Criminal Justice System”– which are state or federally contracted facilities for people leaving state or federal incarceration. In some instances, rehab facilities may refer a patient to a halfway house following treatment. Similarly, court-mandated treatment centers and/or the court may recommend or mandate that someone stay in a halfway house.12 Other times, residents seek out halfway houses of their own accord.

Court-Ordered Halfway Houses

Generally, when a person’s home life environment is not conducive to continued recovery, a sober living home is the best option. Residents of halfway houses will likely be required to attend therapy or 12-step program meetings as part of the house requirements, but halfway houses themselves do not provide addiction treatment. Instead, they serve as a safe and supportive environment where recovering addicts can continue to work on their early sobriety.

What’s more, halfway houses have a financial incentive to maintain full occupancy due to the conditions of contracts. Since states have overwhelmingly failed to protect incarcerated people in jails and prisons, the outlook for halfway houses is bleak. Improper management and inadequate oversight of halfway houses also enables inequities in the reentry process.

Community Services

Also note that in some states (e.g., Texas), https://ecosoberhouse.com/s only serve parolees.13 So it may be helpful to note how your state defines the term before you consider a halfway house as a recovery option. A halfway house is an institute for people with criminal backgrounds or substance use disorder problems to learn (or relearn) the necessary skills to re-integrate into society and better support and care for themselves. Halfway houses often employ staff with qualifications in criminology to assist in the process of transitioning prisoners back into the outside world.

  • It is designed to help those who are in the early stages of addiction recovery to transition back into society gradually.
  • Recovering addicts will experience multiple triggers and cravings, eventually leading to relapse.
  • Halfway houses provide support to those who are new to recovery and are committed to a life without their addiction.
  • The concept of the halfway house is predicated upon the ideals of humanitarianism, rehabilitation, and reintegration.

It allows you to live your life to the fullest, experience all of life’s adventures, make the most out of relationships, and be present in the moment. It doesn’t come without its challenges, however, and it’s beneficial to be around people who halfway house can support you on this journey. The information provided by AddictionHelp.com is not a substitute for professional medical advice. View our editorial content guidelines to learn how we create helpful content with integrity and compassion.